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There is a mousse in housse

Chez Dany Verbier | What is the story?

There is a mousse in housse

The London Financial Times recently publish an article with rumours about Chez Dany – so what is the real gossip about Chez Dany?

One story doing the rounds in Verbier is that the former executive chef of Chez Dany has upped and left and is going to take over the restaurant L’Ecurie in Verbier – We can confirm Claude Alain Besse (from the Dahu) is taking over the L’Ecurie and will be open from November the 11th. Call +41 27 771 27 60 to reserve – I am sure this is going to be a great eating out destination this winter in Verbier.

Another story filling the Verbier gossip columns is:- Chez Dany has been sold to a secretive Russian billionaire who wants to build a luxury mountain hide-away – We’ve talked to all big building firms in town and nobody appears to know anything about this rumour– We think this story is just ski-bum-bar-chat.

Another story is:- Chez Dany will be a ghost of a the former restaurant left to go derelict on a closed piste – The closed piste might be great for a few secret powder turns after a fresh dump of the light fluffy stuff – But not so great for your hungry bellies after a hard day skiing.

Another story is: – The Chez Dany lease has been taken on by some of the best party doctors in town with a reputation for pumping Après Ski entertainment. What a location for standing-on-the-tables-dancing-in-ski-boots Après Ski! This could be great news for Verbier Après Ski but maybe not so great news for the Russian oligarchs hiding away in Clambin!

Bring on the snow so we can ski through the pretty hamlet of Clambin to find out the real story about what is happening at Chez Dany this winter. If you need help finding your way to Chez Dany then maybe book a ski lesson with me.

Chez Dany Update – For the true and accurate story head over to Chez Dany website.

Verbier Snowdome

Verbier Skiing | Snowdome

Verbier Snowdome

Verbier Snowdome

Hot off the press from some of Verbier’s finest rumour mills. Apparently, ‘The Big Mound’ of dirt, down by the road on the way to the ‘Real World’ just past Le Châble, is the start of another massive secret project. To track down the truth we’ve gone back to our sources to try and find out what is happening down on the road to Vollèges.

Our kindly friend from the Fer a Cheval, who was sporting a Hawaiian shirt and rambling like Salty the sea dog said “Phase 1 they are building a ski hill with snow canons and that phase 2 of the plan is a Snowdome so we’ll be skiing 365 days a year, like the one back home in Manchester. It is going to be incredible…’. And then to totally top off his ramblings he added ‘they are also going to build a wave pool for surfers with “rollers” three meters high with a unique Bagnard surf atmosphere. It is going to be epic!”.

There could be some truth in this one as the boffins from the Swiss federal environment office have predicted that small and medium-sized glaciers in Europe will have melted entirely by 2050. And another recent study concluded that ski resorts across Europe have up to 40 less days of snow cover compared to the 1970s.

One of the dudes at No.1 Ski Rental said they had no idea about ‘The Mound’ but another said that ‘Not be to out done, Vollèges has always wanted to be a ski resorts and wants to become a year round tourist destination’ he verified his statement with ‘have you seen my tax bill’.

The Democratic Republic of Clambin (DRC) released the following statement: ‘In the era of ‘Post Truth’ it is hard to distinguish the rhetoric from the facts. The only truth we know is VERBIER IS OPEN FOR SKIING’. 


A sign of an amazing winter in Verbier

Verbier Snow Prediction for ski season 15/16

Verbier Snow Prediction - Massive insects

A sign of the coming mega winter in Verbier

Verbier snow prediction for ski season 15/16

It’s been one of the warmest Septembers since records began in 1864, according to MeteoSwiss it’s the third consecutive month with temperatures higher than normal by at least 2.5 degrees – so what does this mean for the winter?

Yes, it is that time of year! And it is time to get the winter juices flowing with a spot of snow-forecasting for the coming winter ski season in Verbier. As ever we’ll see almost anything as a sign this winter will be the biggest winter ever….

So predictably our prediction is: It is going be bigger than last winter and the mega-dump will start on the 7th of December – And the snow in in Verbier will be the driest, coldest and fluffiest ever.

What is our prediction based on! Well… currently there is a deluge of large insects that can be seen in and around Verbier (see above photo). We’ll be posting more evidence in the next few days. Some locals are also saying that the spiders are massive and in abundance and that the trout are swimming in circles in the river Dranse. Weird.

I’d love to hear from you if you have your own theories and methods for predicting this winters’ snowfall. If your theory is good enough I’ll even pop it up online for you!

Otherwise, maybe you just want to book a ski lesson.