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Verbier Snow Prediction Winter 22-23

Verbier Snow Prediction Winter 22-23

Snowberries have arrived in Verbier.

Verbier Extreme Weather

Those that know me well, will know I always find reasons to predict the biggest winter ever is coming to Verbier. And why should this year be any different! It is going to be massive, more epic powder days than you can shake a ski pole at! And this is my hypothesis:

We have had a summer of extreme hot and dry weather across the northern hemisphere. So far 2022 has been the hottest summer and driest summer ever recorded. With so little rain, it leads me to wonder: Where has all the water gone? The water can’t just disappear. Does it rain more in other areas or later in the year?

At school we learned about the water and weather cycles. The water is out there somewhere in the global weather system. Surely, at some point the water will have to reappear to balance out the extreme dry summer!

And if I am correct, that can only mean, when the autumn and winter temperatures drop the water will reappear in conversely extreme quantities. This winter will be extreme with plenty of snow to balance out the lack of water this summer.

And there are signs in nature that this winter will bring a snowy skiing paradise to Verbier. If you have read my previous Smart Snow Forecasting Techniques blog you’ll know about ‘berries’. And this year the hedge rows are loaded with berries!

Let’s hope Vlad’s war in the east doesn’t bring power cuts that stop the ski lifts running! But we can always walk up to get those powder turns. Either way I can help you with your skiing dreams! Unlike this blog, I promise not to talk utter nonsense!

Verbier Snow prediction 19 - 20

Verbier Snow Prediction Winter 19 -20

Verbier Snow prediction 19 - 20

Verbier Snow Prediction Winter 19 -20

If you are a regular visitor to my Verbier Ski Blog, you’ll know that each summer – autumn I predict the coming winter season’s snowfall in Verbier. I use a variety of ‘special’ techniques and indicators to help with my prediction. There is no science used, just a bunch of my random randomness, which-to-date have been remarkably accurate. Being a lover of skiing and all things snow, my predictions are slightly myopic and yes every winter is going to be bigger than last winter! Listed below are this year’s indicators of the coming Snowpocalypse!

European Heat Wave June 2019

June 2019 has seen new record highs across Europe with temperatures in parts of France reaching over 46 degrees centigrade. This heat wave was caused by a hot air mass moving up from North Africa. The effects of global climate change made this air mass hotter and more intense than any previous European heat wave.

Alaskan Heat Dome

And, if the European heat wave isn’t enough… then check out the Alaskan heat dome. Temperatures, this summer in Alaska, are set to be some of the highest on record.


Stromboli in Italy has recently blown it’s top and sent a massive plume of volcanic dust into the high atmosphere. The effects of ‘global dimming’ from volcanic ash in the atmosphere is well-documented.

Summer Snow in Spain

The rain in Spain stays mostly on the plain – We’ll actually the freak summer snow and hail in Spain stayed mostly on the plain. In early July in the city of Utiel, Valencia rivers of ice flowed through the streets.

Massive Insects

In the past I have used the appearances of larger than usual insects to predict the biggest snow ever. This year I’ve seen some seriously big spiders and insects and as my regular readers know… this is surely another sign of the impending Snowpocalypse.

Atlantic Hurricanes

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is giving advice about preparing for hurricane season. The past two autumn’s have seen some of the biggest Atlantic storms. There is an expectation that this autumn will see another series of massive storms sweep through Atlantic seaboard of America and the Caribbean.

Snowmageddon – Snowpocalypse

Global climate change has increased the chances of extreme weather events. Thus, applying some excellent randomness and snow-logic: This summer’s high temperatures will have an extreme and opposite winter reaction. Combine this extreme opposite reaction with a spot of volcanic ash in the high atmosphere and we are going to see some massive snowfalls this winter. You’d be disappointed if I had predicted anything else!

All I can say is the snow is going to be epic. If you’ve got this far down the page then you really need to book your Verbier ski lessons now!

Verbier Snow Prediction 19 - 20

Photo from The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

Ski Instructor Roddy Willis gives the low down on waps

More Wasps = More Snow | Verbier Snow Prediction for Winter 2018-19

Ski Instructor Roddy Willis gives the low down on waps

Is a mega winter coming to Verbier?

Verbier Snow Prediction| More Wasps = More Snow?

This summer’s high temperatures and sustained warm weather have led to a plague of wasp. At times our garden in Bruson has looked like a wasp super highway. We have been battered all summer by the pesky blighters and the local Val des Bagnes fire service has visited our house twice to remove wasp nests from our roof. Our friendly cow farming neighbour has suggested the wasps are a sign this winter is going to be super snowy and bigger than last year!

While, I don’t personally use wasp’s as part of my magic equation to predict snowfall. However, I do enjoy the folklore and love the idea of another super snowy winter in Verbier! And there has been a lot of wasps!

If you are interested in talking climate change? or just wanting some banter on a chair lift then please do book some ski lessons with me in Verbier.

Gordon and Florence Tropical Storms

Gordon and Florence | Verbier Snow Predictions Winter 2018/19

Gordon and Florence Tropical Storms

Verbier Snow Prediction

Climate change potentially is very bad for humanity. Extreme weather events. Last year we experienced one of the hottest summers on record. Massive autumnal tropical storms lined up one after another and then followed by one of the biggest winters on record.

This year average global temperatures are set to be the hottest on record. Europe has seen a blisteringly hot summer (hotter than last year) and today the National Hurricane Center is showing tropical storms Gordon and Florence lining up across the Atlantic.

Does this mean we are in for the biggest winter ever? Only time will tell but I think the signs are looking good for some great skiing this winter – Perhaps now is the time to book some skiing in Verbier?

Tropical Storm Florence Update

Tropical Storm Florence

Tropical Storm Florence

Florence has been building over the weekend and is now looking like a category ‘M’ storm (M denotes major hurricane). Florence will hit the coast of America later this week.

If you are interested in some other snow-forecasting techniques then read my blog on Smart Snow-Forecasting. Or, if you just want the current real weather in Verbier check out the my weather forecast page.

Wild Raspberries

Smart Snow-Forecasting Techniques

Snowforecasting with Smart Onions

Smart Snow-Forecasting Techniques

Not a day, no, let’s make that an hour has gone by recently without someone predicting the latest snowfall, 1000 year storm, hurricane or heatwave. Yes – it is that time of the year again when everyone is a snow-forecasting expert. In the era of the ‘smart phone’ we all know it is pretty easy to be ‘Smart’ about the weather. But if you want to be a real expert you need to use some more traditional ‘smart’ techniques for your snow prediction.

Here are few ‘Smart’ tips for your own snow prediction from some Verbier Insiders.

‘The thicker the layers of an onion skin the more severe and early the onset of winter.’
Verbier Insider: Squid at No. 1 Ski Rental

‘When the very last of the larch needles fall to the ground the winter will start for real and not before’.
Verbier Insider: Jean Claude Vaudan

‘There is an abundance of the wild berries which is down to a great summer and it is nature’s way of giving birds an extra food source before a harsh winter’.
Verbier Insider: Peter Piper

‘When the various online sites are contradicting each other and all else fails, ‘I Just check out my next-door neighbour and see if he is chopping wood’.
Verbier Insider: Tom Blower

Whatever ‘Smart’ technique you choose we know one thing is for certain – The snow is coming and there will be some ‘Smart’ skiing in Verbier this winter.


A sign of an amazing winter in Verbier

Verbier Snow Prediction for ski season 15/16

Verbier Snow Prediction - Massive insects

A sign of the coming mega winter in Verbier

Verbier snow prediction for ski season 15/16

It’s been one of the warmest Septembers since records began in 1864, according to MeteoSwiss it’s the third consecutive month with temperatures higher than normal by at least 2.5 degrees – so what does this mean for the winter?

Yes, it is that time of year! And it is time to get the winter juices flowing with a spot of snow-forecasting for the coming winter ski season in Verbier. As ever we’ll see almost anything as a sign this winter will be the biggest winter ever….

So predictably our prediction is: It is going be bigger than last winter and the mega-dump will start on the 7th of December – And the snow in in Verbier will be the driest, coldest and fluffiest ever.

What is our prediction based on! Well… currently there is a deluge of large insects that can be seen in and around Verbier (see above photo). We’ll be posting more evidence in the next few days. Some locals are also saying that the spiders are massive and in abundance and that the trout are swimming in circles in the river Dranse. Weird.

I’d love to hear from you if you have your own theories and methods for predicting this winters’ snowfall. If your theory is good enough I’ll even pop it up online for you!

Otherwise, maybe you just want to book a ski lesson.


More spiders in the snow

Verbier Snow Prediction Winter 2011-12 | Snow-Spiders

Verbier Snow Prediction

Massive Spider – It’s a sign

Verbier Snow Prediction

Each year I like to have a go at predicting the level of snowfall coming next winter to Verbier. You might remember last year I predicted that Volcanic ash would cause the ‘Mother of all Dumps’ and it was going to be a season of mega Pow! As you might imagine I need to find a different method of predicting next winters’ snowfalls, volcanoes in Iceland with strange names really didn’t produce the goods last winter.

MysticMikey (the guru of snow prediction) on Twitter has suggested trout swimming the wrong way and a ton of berries = SNOW. But I now think the number of oversized spiders in Verbier is the real talisman of mega snow. And here is the proof that next winter will produce the hundred-year-storm and we’ll ski fresh tracks every day of the winter.

Spiders helping predict snow in Verbier

More spiders…

If you have any pictures of whooper spiders that prove my theory? Then please do send them to me and I’ll publish them. Or, if you have seen any other signs that the storm is coming then please let me know.

Off out the door for some summer fun at the seaside

Verbier Snow Prediction Season 10/11

Verbier Snow Prediction 2010 - 2011

Epic Snow Conditions

Sitting around waiting for the skiing to start again I am predicting the future weather and snow in Verbier. If my research is correct we should be in for cooler climes over the next few years and that might mean more snow than usual next winter. So what is the reason for my snow prediction?

Answer: Gilbert White (18 July 1720 – 26 June 1793) recorded the effects on world climate after the eruption of the Icelandic volcano Laki in 1783. Laki is just next door to Eyjafjallajokull, the volcano which has caused airlines trouble this year in Europe.

In the years after Laki erupted the climate chilled in Europe and thousands died from famine caused by crop failure due to the cooler weather. I am not sure the size of the current Icelandic eruptions will cause a famine in these modern times. However, it might cause cooler average temperatures which could result in a fantastic snow conditions in Verbier next winter season.

Mean while it is time to enjoy the summer and I am off out the door for a spot of fun.

Off out the door for some summer fun at the seaside

If you’ve got this far maybe read another or my snow prediction blogs or book some skiing in Verbier!