Ski Instructor Roddy Willis gives the low down on waps

More Wasps = More Snow | Snow Prediction for Winter 2018-19

Ski Instructor Roddy Willis gives the low down on waps

Is another mega winter coming to Verbier?

Verbier Snow Prediction:- More Wasps = More Snow?

This summer’s high temperatures and sustained warm weather have led to a plague of wasp, at times our garden in Bruson has looked like a wasp super highway – we have been battered all summer by the pesky blighters and the local Val des Bagnes fire service has visited our house twice to remove wasp nests from our roof. Our friendly cow farming neighbour has even suggested the wasps are a sign this winter is going to be super snowy and bigger than last year!

While I don’t personally use wasp’s as part of my magic equation to predict snowfall, I do enjoy the folklore and love the idea of another super snowy winter in Verbier! And there has been a lot of wasps!

Verbier Snow Predictions Season 11 / 12

Massive Spider is a sign

Each year I like to have a go at predicting the level of snowfall coming next winter, you might remember that last year I predicted Volcanic ash would cause the ‘Mother of all Dumps’ and it was going to be a season of mega Pow!  As you might imagine we need to find a different method of predicting next winters’ snowfalls, volcanoes in Iceland with strange names really didn’t produce the goods last winter.

MysticMikey (the guru of snow prediction) on Twitter has suggested that trout swimming the wrong way and tonnes of berries = SNOW. But we think the number of oversized spiders in Verbier is the real talisman of mega snow. Here is the proof, we believe, that next winter will produce the storm of the millennium.

If you have seen any other signs that prove the storm is coming then please do send them to me.