Off out the door for some summer fun at the seaside

Verbier Snow Prediction Season 10/11

Verbier Snow Prediction 2010 - 2011

Epic Snow Conditions

Sitting around waiting for the skiing to start again I am predicting the future weather and snow in Verbier. If my research is correct we should be in for cooler climes over the next few years and that might mean more snow than usual next winter. So what is the reason for my snow prediction?

Answer: Gilbert White (18 July 1720 – 26 June 1793) recorded the effects on world climate after the eruption of the Icelandic volcano Laki in 1783. Laki is just next door to Eyjafjallajokull, the volcano which has caused airlines trouble this year in Europe.

In the years after Laki erupted the climate chilled in Europe and thousands died from famine caused by crop failure due to the cooler weather. I am not sure the size of the current Icelandic eruptions will cause a famine in these modern times. However, it might cause cooler average temperatures which could result in a fantastic snow conditions in Verbier next winter season.

Mean while it is time to enjoy the summer and I am off out the door for a spot of fun.

Off out the door for some summer fun at the seaside

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