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Finding the Cheapest Ski Lessons in Verbier

Content Ski Clients

Best-value-for-money ski lessons in Verbier

Verbier is one of the top ski resorts in the world and is a fantastic ski holiday destination. Verbier also just happens to be in Switzerland and as you’ll probably know Switzerland has a reputation for being a little pricey! Bearing in mind these two points, ski lessons in Verbier can appear to be expensive, especially if you are paying with £s. And to be honest the word cheap should really be replaced with the words ‘value-for-money’ ski lessons. So, what do you need to look for in a ski lessons to get the best-value-for-money ski lessons in Verbier?

Below are a few points to help you know you are getting the best-value-for-money ski lessons in Verbier.

  1. QualificationsCheck the qualification of the instructor you are booking – Are they fully certified to the highest Swiss standards? Larger ski schools make their margin hiring lower level instructors (possibly with no qualification and only five days of in house training at the start of the season) and charge the same price as the highest-level experienced ski instructor (Brevet Federal).
  2. Safety – Be sure you have chosen a ski instructor who is teaching legally, the person selling you a cash deal low price ski lessons in Après-Ski is unlikely to be insured, have a qualification or hang around to help if there is an accident on the mountain!
  3. Local Knowledge – How well does the instructor know the resort? You’ll want an instructor who can help you find the best ski conditions for your level. However, the instructor should also be a font of local knowledge who can help on every aspect of your ski trip, help book great restaurants, advise on the best Après-Ski and even know the telephone number of the local doctor or dentist!
  4. Ski Area – There are 400km of groomed ski runs in the 4 valleys, however there is more off piste than groomed runs! Only a Brevet Federal ski instructor can teach off piste – So, if you are getting the lower level instructor you are only getting a fraction of the ski area to ski on in your ski lessons – reducing your chances of finding the best ski conditions!
  5. Name – Know the name and qualification of the instructor you are booking. If the ski school can’t tell you the name of the instructor, then you’ll be put in the ski school tombola. Ski schools can run a ratio of 1- 4 (1 Brevet Federal to 4 lower level instructors) so you have a 1 in 5 chance of getting the best-value-for-money ski instructors in the ski school.

You can search for ski lessons by price, however a lowest price lessons does not necessarily equal value-for-money and most ski schools in Verbier charge similar prices – So, when booking ski lessons ask questions about the exact instructor you are booking. If you’ve got this far down the page then you are probably looking for a deal!? Contact me directly and I am sure we can work something out!

Otherwise just book me for your ski lessons!

Powder Skiing in Verbier

Another Epic Powder Day in Verbier

Another epic powder day in Verbier

This winter ski season has produce the goods again – If you are interested in taking your skiing from the piste to the powder then do contact me the next time you are visiting Verbier.

Verbier Half Term

Half term skiing in Verbier

Verbier Half Term

Half term skiing and ski lessons in Verbier

What is half term skiing like in Verbier? Roddy Willis answers a few questions about this winter’s skiing conditions and for some of his tips for making the most of the skiing in Verbier during half term week.

When is the February half term holidays?

‘This year most European countries and the UK are having half term week in the same week which is the second week of February. It will be busy but if you think outside the box you can ski as if it was a low season week.’

How has this winter been so far for you?

‘The start of the ski season feels like yesterday, but this winter is rocketing along. I have just finished the first busy school holiday period of the season. During Christmas and New Year, I have been busy with all levels of skiers and I am now getting ready for the next school holiday half term period.

How has the snow been this winter?

‘This winter we’ve had exceptional snowfalls and some of the best powder skiing which is great for half term holidays as we now have a great base layer of snow across the whole resort.’

What are your tips for making the most of half term?

‘The trick is to plan your days to be out of sync with everyone else. Start early (be on the first lift) making the most of the first few perfectly groomed ski-runs. Ski through the normal Swiss lunch time (12 midi day to 2pm) avoiding the busy restaurants during this period, the pistes will be quieter, then have a late lunch in a quieter mountain restaurant!’

Where should you ski in Verbier during half term week?

‘It is a good idea to ski in the less well-known areas of the resort – Most people head to the big names like Mont Fort, Tortin etc. But if you head to areas that you’ve seen on the Verbier piste map that were not mentioned at last night’s drinks party, then it’s a good chance it will be less crowded!’

How about ski lessons in the half term week?

‘The biggest tip here is to book early and be sure the school knows the name of the instructor you are getting, ask if they can meet early to avoid the 9am rush at the bottom of the lifts. If the instructor knows the resort, then he or she will know the best methods to finding the best of the current conditions in Verbier.’

Do you have any other tips for the half term week?

‘Have fun, smile and enjoy the great skiing – The snow this year is exceptional.’

If you need help finding an instructor or ski lesson for half term week, then please do get in touch.




Telemark turn in Verbier

Telemark Skiing | Verbier Day Off Skiing

Telemark turn in Verbier

‘Well, I gave my mind a thorough rest by plunging into a chemical analysis’. Conan Doyle in Lippincott’s Monthly Magazine 1890

With this in mind over the last few season I have ploughed my days off skiing into more skiing but of a different kind, the one that is said ‘frees the mind’. In past seasons I might have spent, as I saw them, my precious days off doing not very much, getting up late hanging around watching the ski racing or generally not doing much in a bid to have a rest. Often resulting in not really feeling that rested and a little frustrated with wasting my time, lift ticket, sunshine and everything else that springs to mind right now.

So recently I have plunged myself into more skiing, the kind with a free heel, which I cannot say actually has freed my mind but it is interesting how learning to do something new can actually be more refreshing than lazing around at home all day in the belief that I will be refreshed from doing nothing.

The result of my endeavours freeing my mind, kindly record by Julian Griffiths (European Snowsport), can be seen above. It may not be a technically perfect turn but I am pleased with my progress and I have now passed a Telemark instructor qualification with Swiss Snowsports.

If you are interested in some free heeling ski lessons then hit me up with an email or a ski lesson booking enquiry!