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Skiers beware - this is the sign at the top of Tortin

Tortin – Verbier Ski Itinerary

Half Way Down Tortin

Good Skiers Only!

Tortin is probably the best known of the Verbier and 4 Valllees itineraries. It is a rite of passage for many visitors to Verbier. So, to get your Après-Ski bar chat sorted and ready for some great ‘Fisherman’s tales’. Here is a little information to help make your ski tales into classic Verbier bar chat.

  1. Tortin starts at the Col de Chassoure just next to the top of the Chassoure gondola lift.
  2. Itineraries are not groomed or pisted they are wild mountain terrain.
  3. It is a north-facing bowl and is shaded from the sun.
  4. You can expect good skiing on firm and grippy snow. You can also expect deep powder.
  5. So, the snow conditions are whatever mother-nature has left on the side of the mountain!
  6. The first part is a little steep and at times very busy (particularly in February half term week).
  7. The traverse at the start can be tricky and sometimes be busier than the M25.
  8. After the traverse, giant moguls are likely to be the biggest obstacles.
  9. Tortin is actually-the area at the bottom of the run and the itinerary is correctly called ‘Chassoure-Tortin’.
  10. Normally there is a sign at the top say ‘Good Skiers Only’!

Please note the following point from the Verbier Tourist Office

‘Itineraries are officially designated off-piste routes, marked on the piste map as yellow lines, a single line of yellow poles in the snow marks the direction of an itinerary route. Itineraries are bounded 20m on each side of the yellow poles.’

Skiers beware - this is the sign at the top of Tortin

If you want to master Tortin? Then book some ski lessons with me – I’ll help you master the moguls whilst finding the best routes and snow conditions on Tortin,

Looking back at Tortin Verbier