Get Powder Done

Powder For The Few!



Powder For The Few

#GetPowderDone I’ve woken up in the middle of the night to the reassuring noise of snowploughs clearing the streets. It would appear the more you say it the more people believe it and the more you believe it the more it becomes your reality #getpowderdone At this moment it is shedding it down in Bruson at 1050 meters. And it looks like it is going to dump all day. And if I may I’d just like to finish on this last point. #getpowderdone it is going to be stonking super light and deep oven ready by the end of the day #getpowderdone

What a week we have had this week! Next week the holiday season starts and will bring ‘the many’ and we’ll have to share the great snow we currently have with ‘the many’. If you think you don’t want to share the snow with the many then maybe book some time with me!