what do you do in the summer?

Ski instructors | What they do in the summer?

What do ski instrcutors do in the summer

What do ski instructors do in the summer?

“I am a dolphin trainer at Brighton aquarium”
“Gosh, really, how did you become a dolphin trainer?”

Pretty much everyone who works in a ski resort will at some time have been asked about their summer job. At the start of my ski career I would respond with a number of different made up answers, including dolphin trainer!

But what do you really do in the summer?

I am a qualified furniture designer and cabinetmaker. What that really means is I can pretty much make anything from wood. Over the years my summer career has developed. From designing and making furniture to building bespoke kitchens, high spec bathrooms, designing and building shops and the project management of chalet construction projects.

If you need help with your building or renovation project this summer then check out www.vivoverbier.com or contact me.

Or in the winter season book me for some ski lessons in Verbier