Messy Weekend Ski Goggles


Messy Weekend Ski Goggles

Messy Weekend Ski Goggles

MessyWeekend isn’t your average eyewear brand. For one thing, they are the first—and so far only—Danish ski goggles brand. For another, they maintain the high-quality status of their peers while offering lower, affordable prices.

The Copenhagen-based startup has only been producing ski goggles for about a year. MessyWeekend have already managed to secure a deal with the Danish national snow sports teams to supply all ski goggles leading up to the 2020 Olympics. Pretty impressive. So what exactly are they offering in the products? I got a pair of their FLOAT in black with green revo-mirror coated lenses. Here’s what I found out.

MessyWeekend’s FLOAT ski goggles are the updated version of their XE-One ski goggles launched in late 2018. The new XE2 lenses in the FLOAT goggles have two layers of optical-grade polycarbonate, making them thin, lightweight, and virtually impossible to crack. The XE2 also features a high-contrast lens that helps you see more clearly in otherwise difficult and foggy conditions, reduces eye strain and increases comfort in obscure conditions. MessyWeekend has added contrast-enhancing dyes to the XE2 to fine-tune the light spectrum, thus increasing the color contrast and reducing glare from the snow and sun. The violet lens provides enhanced color recognition and eliminates white and blue light to make the landscape appear more defined.

For optimum fog prevention throughout the day, MessyWeekend has used an anti-fog coating as well as a ventilation system on the inside of their XE2. On the outside, they’ve added nano-coating to make the lens scratch-resistant as well as a clear super-hydrophobic and water-repellent coating, ensuring the XE2 is easy to clean.

Priced at 115€ a pair, you get a lot of bang for your buck. Plus, MessyWeekend has partnered with an NGO in Colombia, so for every pair of goggles and sunglasses sold, they donate to clean 2 kg of plastic waste from the Pacific Ocean.

If you want to read more about the FLOAT, click here.

You can get the FLOAT ski goggles in black or white, with green (revo-mirror coated) or silver (mirrored) lenses. Each pair comes with a free yellow overcast lens.

And once you’ve ordered your eyewear you can book some ski lessons with me Roddy Willis! Excellent.