Mixing Champagne and Powder Snow

Champagne and Powder Skiing | Verbier

Champagne and Powder in Verbier

Roddy Skiing Epic Powder Snow in Verbier

Champagne and Powder Mixed Together

You can easily find and drink champagne in Verbier. You can also find powder snow in Verbier. However, finding super light fluffy powder snow and champagne together can be tricky!

I started to write a blog about skiing epic powder that is super light and fluffy. The type of snow that is often described as ———–* Powder. However, after some research on the internet I’ve discovered that a certain ski resort in America has registered this term as trademark. So, it is tricky to write about ———-* Powder skiing in Verbier. Which is a shame as it is probably the best descriptions for super light fluffy powder snow.

Super Light Fluffy Powder Snow

After considering the potential threat of receiving a nice letter from a friendly lawyer somewhere in America! I’ve decided to brand up my own versions of this incredible ski experience. From now on I am going to call it Champenoise Powder. Maybe that’s missing a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’! But this new brand of snow will hopefully avoid the attention of some pesky lawyer!

What causes Champenoise Powder

The meteorological conditions for Champenoise Powder in Verbier, happen when there is a convergence of a cold Artic air mass with a warmer moist Atlantic weather system. The moist air meets the cold air and produces cold dry snow.

The air temperature needs to be so cold that it tickles your nose like champagne bubbles! Minus 10° Celsius and colder. The lower the air temperature the lower the moisture content in the snow. The lower the moisture content in snow, the lighter and dryer the snow (weighing 70 to 100 kilograms per cubic meter). The lightness and dryness are the main factors that makes this type of snow so special to ski.

Finding Champenoise Powder Snow in Verbier

After a snowfall, epic powder can be found on all the classic Verbier itineraries: Tortin, Gentianes, Mont Gele etc. However, to find quieter less skied powder you’ll need to not follow the sheep like masses and head away from the big names on a busy powder day.

When is a good time to find the best Powder in Verbier?

Over the last few years after the New Year crowds have gone. Verbier has had some super cold, deliciously soft, marvellously light and exceptionally dry powder snow in the middle weeks of January. So, a good bet for great powder snow in Verbier is January 15th!

Finding Champagne in Verbier

Head to almost any bar in Verbier, to discover the tingle of champagne bubbles in your nose.  Of particular-note for champagne is the Farm Club.

When is a good time to find Champagne in Verbier?

In my opinion, pretty much any time is a good time. However, if you want your powder and champagne mixed then the winter months are a good time.

If you need help finding either Champagne or Skiing Powder in Verbier please do contact me.